At a ceremony and symposium for: The Bayan Center for Studies and Planning launched a new book on water resources management in Iraq titled: “Before Thirst Catches Us: Iraq’s Water Crisis from State Policy to Land Policy.”

The ceremonial symposium, which was held on the occasion, was attended by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Water Resources, Dr. Khaled Shamal, a member of the Committee on Agriculture, Water, and Marshlands in the House of Representatives, Rep. Ibtisam Al-Hilali, and the Dean of the Faculty of Political Science at Al-Nahrin University Dr.

The Ministry of Water Resources spokesman addressed the problems that Iraq is experiencing in the water file, particularly concerning pollution and excess water rations, noting that Iraq is in a critical situation in its water storage.

For her part, Representative Ibtisam Al-Hilali noted the intention of the Committee on Agriculture, Water, and Marshlands to enact a law (the Supreme Water Council) as well as the Committee’s insistence on allocating sufficient financial resources to modern water management techniques within the new general budget.

Dr. Ali Fares noted the importance of an integrated strategy with a win-win equation involving upstream countries, pointing to the need for a clear program of optimal water use in the country as an important negotiating paper with neighboring States.

The symposium was attended by a number of political figures, researchers, interested persons, and water file specialists.

The new book, published by Al Bayan Center, was prepared and edited by the researcher Ali Abdel Hadi Al Maamouri, with the participation of a number of specialized researchers.