Al-Bayan Center for Studies and Planning held a dialogue seminar titled “Dimensions of Poverty in Iraq: A Look at the Chinese Experience in Poverty Alleviation.”

The seminar was attended by Jamal Abdul Rasul, former Director-General at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and an expert at the Social Care Authority, as well as Dr. Dham Al-Azzawi, a political advisor in the Poverty Alleviation Department at the Ministry of Planning.

Abdul Rasul highlighted the economic and social dimensions of poverty in Iraq, emphasizing the merits of the Social Security Law and stressing the importance of economic empowerment for citizens to participate in the job market.

On his part, Al-Azzawi pointed out the measures taken by China in poverty alleviation, emphasizing the need to learn from and leverage this experience. He suggested implementing similar strategies, such as e-government initiatives and automating information of impoverished families, and involving the private sector in development plans.

The seminar was attended by a selection of academics, journalists, researchers, and individuals interested in the issue of poverty in Iraq.