The Al Bayan Center for studies and planning has issued a national strategy to achieve justice and end impunity in Iraq.

This came during a ceremony held by the occasion in the presence of a number of Deputies, advisers to the prime minister, government and judicial officials, representatives of the United Nations mission in Iraq, and others from international organizations, in addition to academics and civil society organizations.

The executive director of the Al Bayan Center, Ali Taher al-Hammood, presented a summary of the strategy, which was co-written by the organizations, Opportunity Watch and Prospect Peace. The strategy was titled: “justice and political stability in Iraq,” as its preparation included holding five specialized workshops with the executive, legislative and judicial authorities, the international community, and victims, as stakeholders in writing the strategy.

The ceremony included a dialogue session that included the deputy from the legal committee in the House of Representatives Sajjad Salem, Hassan Wahab from the organization Impunity watch, and the representative from the Department of relations with NGOs in the integrity commission Safa Hussein.

The speakers noted the role of legislation, and the importance of the role of public prosecution in the judiciary, as well as addressing the level of transparency and government bureaucracy in order to promote justice and end impunity in Iraq.

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