Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies celebrated the eighth anniversary of its establishment, entering its nineteenth year by continuing on its path and hard work.

During this period, Al-Bayan Center accomplished many achievements represented in the number of visits to its Arabic website, which amounted to more than 5,608,000, while the number of visits to its English website was more than 1,194,000.

BCPS has completed more than 2,000 policy studies in both Arabic and English, while the number of Symposiums, workshops, and sessions has reached 82.

During the past year (2022), the number of visits to the website reached 333,000, an increase of 111,000 over the previous year (2021).

BCPS issued more than 70 books during this period, as well as hundreds of exclusive interviews with officials in the three authorities (the judicial authority, the legislative authority, and the executive authority), as well as independent bodies, ambassadors, and international organizations.

Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies is an independent, nonprofit think tank based in Baghdad, Iraq. Its primary mission is to offer authentic advisory to decision-makers in various fields, including foreign and domestic policy, legislation, security, defense, combating terrorism, economics, development, energy, the environment, climate, women, childhood, minorities, youth, and other topics of interest to building the state in Iraq.