Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies held a panel discussion entitled “Towards an Effective Participation of Women in Public Political Affairs”.

The panel discussion was organized by Al-Bayan’s Women’s Studies Department, which was attended by a group of young women interested in political affairs and activists in the civil field, as well as former election candidates, researchers, and specialists.

The panel discussion dealt with “obstacles” that young women face in engaging in public political affairs, and “solutions” to those obstacles from their point of view. It also included a presentation of a study concerning the political participation of women in the previous Iraqi elections and the electoral environment surrounding them, which wasprepared and published by the Social Studies Department at the Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies.

The panel discussion concluded with recommendations for young women with political orientation, how to give them greater opportunities to participate in order to influence the public sphere, and ways to improve the social and legal environment that ensures justice and equality among citizens.