Ahmed Kudhaer Hussain

The subject of financing higher education is the main entry point for the level of the education system, as a system that affects and is influenced by all relationships and interactions of the comprehensive education system. The issue of financing for education is therefore an important issue facing many countries in the world despite different levels of economic growth. In addition to the fact that funding patterns in the world’s prestigious universities are based on experiences of expertise and partnership between the university institution and the economic environment, sources of funding have varied, and compared to the reality of funding for education in Iraq, where is limited to a single source, namely the Government’s general budget. In contrast, the societal demand for education is increasing as a result of population growth, especially in the age segments corresponding to the school age.

This study aims at the need to search for various sources of financing education in Iraq, and to face the challenges that limit its development, by benefiting from the experiences of some advanced countries in financing education, such as: (the experience of the United Kingdom, the experience of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the experience of Jordan) to diversify the sources Funding university education in Iraq?