The information development and the steady progress in digital sciences that the world witnessed at the end of the last century have affected the information revolution in the developments and events of political and social arenas and on the users of this technology. Social movements that emerged from the Internet and social media platforms led to the emergence of a new phenomenon called Tweeter diplomacy. Leaders and politicians have come to control public opinion through the use of the Internet and social media platforms. On the other hand, the widespread dissemination of fake news made identifying the truth and distinguishing it from lies a very difficult job. Most important of all, the citizen’s behavior has become subject to this network and platforms.

The data indicates that millions of people around the world are using the Internet and social media platforms daily. The survey conducted in the summer of 2021 indicated that the users of social media platforms are about 4.8 billion people, which is equivalent to 56.8% of the total population of the earth, 99% of whom use mobile applications for this purpose. The daily use of these platforms takes approximately two hours and 24 minutes per day (How Many People Use social media in 2021? (65+ Statistics), 2021)). This data points to one unquestionable fact, which is that these networks have become a part of every person’s daily life and can affect the lives of millions of people.