In partnership with the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies held a new symposium in a series of symposiums discussing the early elections to be held next October.

         The symposium was entitled “The Electoral Race and the Ambition of Youth,” discussing the opportunities of young candidates in the light of current data on the holding of elections.

         The symposium hosted: Independent candidate Ayman Hassan ALQuraishi, political expert Dr. Abbas Al Jubouri, as well as Dr. Ali Taher Alhammood the Managing Director of Al-Bayan Center.

         Al-Qurayshi noted the difficulties that young candidates faced regarding promoting for themselves in the elections and working with the Independent High Electoral Commission, while Al-Jubouri noted that the traditional political blocs need to pay attention to the Iraqi street, the majority of which is youth in State policy-making.

         For his part, Dr. Ali Taher Alhammood presented the results of the latest survey published by Al-Bayan Center, which showed a growing turnout for young people to participate in the political process, noting the strategic error called for by some of the forces belonging to the “October demonstrations” in boycotting the elections.

         The symposium featured extensive interventions on the opportunities and challenges of early parliamentary elections.