Iraq foreign policy has been more balanced recently due to the new government attitudes towards the regional strategic environment, which has been affecting the security and stability of Iraq adversely. The new balanced attitudes of Iraq foreign policy have positively isolated Iraq from regional crises and conflicts, on the other hand, it is not easy for Iraq to stay out of regional political interactions, given its aspiration of playing proactive regional role by approaching all powerful actors, winning their trust, and adopting effective role towards regional crisis based on Iraq’s domestic interests and regional ambitions. The perception of regional situation in Iraq in light of the formulation of new foreign policy could be identified by studying Iraq foreign policy towards regional crises. Foreign policy in Iraq is currently based on neutralization and strategic openness towards all regional actors, which might prepare Iraq to play proactive regional role in upcoming era to formulate new regional balance, where Iraq balances the interests of regional actors, namely Iran, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. The most important principles that Iraq foreign policy should be based on in regional affairs are:
First, independence of foreign policy
Iraq foreign policy in post-2003 crystalized around the principle of independence and adherence to purely national interests, where Iraq supposed to execute its foreign policy away from outside pressures, which results from regional environment and driven by the escalation of regional and international crises among active power in the region.  Based on the principle of moderation, Iraqi foreign policy characterized by being rational, objective, and balanced. Therefore, regional crises did not affect the dynamics of its foreign policy, which acquired Iraq regional acceptance and enabled it to interact with regional powers freely and transparently. An adherence to the principle of respecting states’ sovereignty and realistic foreign policy have created a balance among Iraq different domestic needs, as well as, the pursuit of its foreign goals by rational, reasonable, and balanced diplomatic dialogue. This principle granted Iraq positive diplomatic image in the regional and international frameworks.

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