Sayyid Ahmed Al-Safi

My brothers, my sisters…

I bring to your attention the following matter:-

Everyone is aware that our dear country Iraq possesses a strong state, economically and financial, from what God has blessed it with in various and extensive capacities; both in the intellect of its people and in its natural wealth in and on its ground. But successive governments of the country for decades did not work to harness this potential, to serve its people and guarantee a decent living for them. Rather, most of its financial resources have been wasted in successive wars and temporary fulfilment of its dictators’ desires. In recent years, in spite of the emitted free elections by government to determine those who govern, yet the situation hasn’t improved for the better in many areas. Instead, burdens on the citizens have intensified; from the widespread mismanagement and size of financial and administrative corruption on the one hand, and the deteriorating security situation on the other hand, prevented the development of the country’s potentials and financial resources for the sake of serving the citizens in the standard of their living.

Today, Iraq suffers from huge real problems and wide challenges. For, in addition to the country’s biggest challenge in its fight against ISIS terrorism, it faces other security challenges resulting from some incubating and supporting terrorists in dividing their brethren on their homeland by providing them with explosive devices and car bombs. On the other hand, there are some who illegally hold weapons in the face peaceful citizens in assault and infringement of their property and possessions. In addition to the security challenges in its various forms, there are economic and financial challenges that threaten the collapse of the living conditions of citizens as a result of falling oil prices on the one hand, and the absence of appropriate economic plans and lack of serious steps in anti-corruption on the other hand.

Our voices are sore because of our repeated calls to the parties concerned of the various components to ensure civil peace and peaceful coexistence among the people of this country and limiting arms possession exclusively to the state, but all in vain. We’ve repeatedly called on officials and political forces that bear power in the country’s matters to  be aware of the size of responsibility they bear toward the country and its people, and leave all political differences behind them that are solely for personal, factional and regional interests, and unify their word in a unified stance toward the country and its people to run the country orderly to achieve the well-being and happiness for their own people.

All of these issues have been reiterated boundlessly until our voices are sore. The honourable people of this country who offered and sacrificed their whenever they could, in blood and money in the defence of its dignity and protection of land and holy sanctities, illustrating bold features of courage and valour in fighting terrorists. These people deserve by those who manage the country’s affairs to offer other than what is being done by exerting serious and proper efforts in all its potentials for the sake of building the country and developing its institutions, clear of corruption with reform of laws and administrative regulations, and find new financial means and develop appropriate exit economic plans of the current crisis.

We ask Allah to inspire those with perception in what they are doing to an honourable service for us, and praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds.