Sayed Ahmad Al-Safi

My brothers, my sisters…

 I bring to your attention the following three matters:-

First matter:

Two days ago marked the 95th anniversary of the establishment of the valiant Iraqi army, just as the army is engaged in its fiercest battles and most difficult; as it battles against the terrorists in defense of Iraq’s land, people and sanctities. As we celebrate the anniversary in pride of our armed forces in all its different forms, and pray for mercy on the souls of its martyrs, and the wellbeing and recovery of its injured; we emphasise on the Iraqi government and all the concerned parties on the necessity to support and back the Iraqi army and continue to build it on foundations of nationalism and professionalism for an army that is characterised by strength and the ability to protect Iraq and the Iraqis indiscriminately, between its affiliations and compnents.

Second matter:

In the past year and over several months, we demanded in our Friday prayer sermons the three executive powers and all those responsible to take serious steps in the process of real reform; to achieve social justice, earnestly fight against corruption and prosecute the corruptors and the corruptive. However, a year has passed without real tangible change to be witnessed in changes, which is an upsetting reality, to which we shall not add or elaborate in the current time.

Third matter:

There is no doubt that environmental conservation and improvement is one of the most important matters which should be a focal point to officials and citizens alike;  because of its direct association to various aspects of life, particularly health and economic. The Almighty God blessed our country with two major rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates, which, if utilised correctly could enrich the country of many other resources. But we find, especially in recent years, that there are serious irregularities on these rivers; as in addition to the branches of the rivers, these areas have turned into waste dumps and estuary of sewage waste. The current situation reveals danger to both to the lives of citizens, and the agricultural and animal wealth of the country. Therefore, we call on the government to take the necessary measures to prevent such abuses and remind our honourable citizens to cherish and reserve this rich and important resource and stay away from practices that lead to the pollution of the environment, because of its negative affects on society as a whole.

We ask Allah to protect our country and to show us its best states; a country free of terrorists in which its people live in peace and security. He is the Best of Dependers, the Best Advocator.