Sayyid Ahmad Al-Safi

My brothers, my sisters…

 I bring to your attention the following two matters:-

First Matter:

There are laws and international conventions governing the relationship between states, with respect for the sovereignty of all countries without intruding upon territories. Such regulations are clearly stipulated in international laws and conventions. Thus, unless it is agreed upon between two governments in a clear and precise manner, it is not for any country to send troops to the territory of another state under the pretext of its support in the fight against terrorism. From this point, it is requested from the neighbouring countries of Iraq and all the countries to respect Iraq’s sovereignty, and to refrain from sending their troops into Iraqi terrritories without the approval of the central government and in accordance to the laws in force in the country.

The Iraqi government is responsible for protecting the sovereignty of Iraq reacting in no tolerance toward any breach of this, regardless to the motives and justifications of it, and to adopt appropriate approaches in solving what is happening in problem for this reason. Political actors are to unify their stances in this matter and take into account the interests of Iraq with the preservation of its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Dear citizens are requested to strengthen their stand in these difficult circumstances through which the country is going through and for their reactions to any transcendence on Iraqi sovereignty to be disciplined in accordance with laws. Additionally, for this reason citizens must take into account the rights of all residents legitimately in Iraq without violating any of their rights. Iraq seeks to have the best relations with all its neighbouring countries and seeks further cooperation with them in various levels and fields; this requires the auspices of good neighbourliness and mutual respect, of sovereignty and independence of all states. The region is experiencing many risks, most notably of the threat of terrorism which seeks to strike at every possible opportunity, excluding no one from its targets. Therefore, it’s supposedly an imperative for the countries in the region to coordinate their steps in solidarity with one another in attempt to eliminate the common enemy, which is terrorism, and avoid causing problems that can only be detrimental to the achievement of this important goal.

Second matter:

          Our troops, represented by the army and federal police, volunteers and sons of tribes, continue to fight the terrorists with courage and bravery in attempt to liberate our country from terrorists. We ask The Almighty Allah to hasten the victory of our troops on their fight with terrorists. It is obvious to everyone that the battles against the terrorists and their inhumane behaviour, which wreaked havoc in the land, have forced many families to be displaced from their areas. Our displaced brothers are living in very harsh conditions, especially as we enter the cold winter season, from the lack of humanitarian and medical services, as they include children, women and elderly. The authorities concerned in this matter are requested to pay attention to them in a special way; especially in the desert areas where there are no humanitarian supplies. The state must follow, and on an ongoing basis, the arrival of aid that the special budget allocated for this reason, as some information indicates that there are many who haven’t received any allocations at all, or anything that may barely meet their essential needs. Therefore, it is incumbent on the authorities concerned to expedite the provision of necessities, especially health wise by sending medical teams and medicines necessary.

This is on the one hand, and on the other hand, large numbers of young people driven by their devotion and patriotism and who are capable of carrying weapons to fight from areas affected by terrorist attacks took up arms in face of terrorism, thus inevitably more support for them in finances and arms and ammunition must be allocated to them and recapping their stands so that they can defeat the terrorists together with their brethren of the army and volunteers.

May Allah grant this country and our countries as a whole peace, stability and safety.