Sheikh Abdul Mehdi Al-Karbalaei

My brothers, my sisters…

I bring to your attention the following two matters:-

After Ziyarat Al-Arbaeen Al-Imam Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) has been ended, the good organization and management in its various ceremonies by the remarkable efforts made by different parties culminated with great success, where there has been no significant security breach. In addition, the acceptable level of services provided for the visitors which indicate a national major success to all governmental and civil Iraqi institutions and citizens who contributed as a one team spirit to the success of blessed Al-Ziyara, due to the exceptional circumstances which Iraq is going through. Here we’d like to mention the following matters:

  • We’d like to express our deep gratitude to all who had a significant role in the successful management of this Al-Ziyara especially the virtuous people and the students of Al-Hawza school who were deployed all along the ways to the Holly Karbala to deliver their religious knowledge and guide the visitors to their benefits in life and hereafter. We’d also like to thank the security institutions with all its branches and the volunteers where they had a major role in the security success of Al-Ziyara, especially the intelligence agencies which prevented terrorist access to the crowed in different places. Also the State Service Institutions such as; Health, transportation, general services, the administrations of Al-Najaf, Karbala, and Al-Kadhimiya Holly shrines, the Hosseinieh condolences corteges, the service corteges and many citizens who served the visitors generously. We’d like to express our appreciation to all visitors to Al-Imam Al-Hussein peace be upon him, who had a great role to the success of this Al-Ziyara, where they have completed the ceremonies with a mindful and uniformed way. Let us not forget the significant role of press who highlighted the millions of visitors, and the aim of this Al-Ziyara which is the embodiment of the values and principles of Al-Hussein blessed revolution.
  • Although the lack of the infrastructure and necessary potentials to endure the requirements of the millions of visitors from inside and outside Iraq, the Iraqis have proved a high ability to overcome problems to achieve the magnificent success in every aspect, such as; security, services, and organization, this is to provide sincerity, spirit of cooperation, organization and the high sense of responsibility towards others and the solidarity of the teamwork which blow up energies to serve all. In addition to that, the great victories of our armed forces and volunteers in front lines against ISIS should demonstrate additional lessons for every person who is in charge in this country and alert them that once the above mentioned factors of sincerity, spirit of cooperation and the high sense of patriotic responsibility exist, then definitely we can defeat the current cruel crises which Iraq is going through.
  • The continuity of the millions of crowds visiting Ziyarat Arbaeen Al-Imam Al-Hussein, peace be upon him, gives a great faithful and patriotic lesson to the Iraqi people, despite the risks of terrorism and the difficult psychological circumstances which they suffer from, due to the successive crisis during last decades. Although the current and the past generations of visitors (men, women, and children) to Al-Imam Al-Hussein, peace be upon him, have faced great challenges and hardships over years such as; oppression and torture from the rulers or terrorist explosions that took the lives of thousands during the last years. Those believers in their case were capable to pursue in this glorious march by their solid well, determination, faithfulness and their loyalty to Al-Imam Al-Hussein, peace be upon him. This makes one believe that the people who sacrificed and endured difficult times will prevail, and the resistance, patience and sacrifice of the Iraqi Armed forces, volunteers and the sons of the tribes will defeat the ISIS tyranny. Surely, the firm well is the major factor of the Iraqi people victory in the battle of reform to establish a just government, and rid the country of the corrupted people who have ribbed Iraq in sake of their greed.
  • The rapid increasing of visitors from inside and outside Iraq during the last years does not correspond to the modesty and weakness of the fundamental services that should be provided for the visitors. Therefore the concerned authority especially the federal government should pay more attention towards providing the necessary resources to hold public services and infrastructure projects chiefly; transportation areas, road expansions, establishing public fields, Health complex and other important services. To achieve those goals the government can cooperate with private sectors to invest in those projects, this will increase the country financial income which will improve its economic status. A supreme committee should be formed to be responsible to coordinate and organize Al-Ziyara.

May Allah grant everyone success to carry out their duties