Sayyed Ahmad Al-Safi

My brothers, my sisters…

I bring to your attention the following three matters:-

First Matter:

The great victories achieved by the heroes of the Armed Forces, the volunteers and sons of the noble tribes in recent battles must receive careful attention by officials from various ranges to draw appropriate conclusions and lessons to take as reference in any coming battles, including, the importance of providing all capabilities and facilities available to our combat forces; providing their essential and other needs, as the country attempts to improve its financial situation and overcomes the current suffocating crisis, and paying attention to the importance of coordination between the various sectors of combat ranges, as this is the most important aspect that determined recent victories. Leaders must concentrate in exerting extra efforts to coordinate between the various sectors of combat ranges insisting on the need for caution and attention on the enemy in different fronts for the enemy will grasp any opportunity to attack, as his strategy continues in line with attacking a different location if he loses in another. Therefore, military segments are required to be alert, blocking any attempts for infiltration.

We ask Almighty Allah to forsake the enemy and help us in eliminating their presence from our dear country.

Second matter:

          One of the most important duties of government, whether it’s the Central government, or local governments, is the utilisation of God’s bounties upon this country in order to serve its citizens. If the government falls short of its duties in this regard, then grace is inevitably going to turn into a curse; as witnessed in the past few days in effects of rainwater downfall. Rain is one of the greatest divine blessings on mankind, and rain seasons are considered seasons of blessings in what benefits it bears for the general population. Unfortunately, the past days have caused suffering to a lot of citizens in many cities and residential areas, because different forms of government did not work to develop or repair rainwater drainage networks at times when financial supplies to fulfil this duty. As for today, government officials cite failing to provide their duty in this matter due to the lack of available necessary allotments. In both cases, citizens are paying the price of neglect and corruption by officials. To Allah we resort..

Third matter:

          In these days, with the downfall of large amounts of rainfall, the suffering of our brothers and sisters in various areas of displacement camps increased considerably, as reports indicate that they live tragic and unbearable conditions. The responsibility to help our people is a responsibility that falls on us all. Hence, we call upon all citizens to leap in aid of these people and provide all assistance in their capacities in careful consideration to their dignity and worth. Carrying out this humanitarian and Islamic task, in addition to the great rewards with God, contributes to increasing the national cohesion between the sons of this country. Therefore, more interest should be exercised in this manner by all who are keen on the unity of this country’s land and people.

We Ask Him, the Almighty, to make our country a safer more reassured place; granting His blessings in advantage to our country and not in reverse effects; and grant civil workers to serve its people. May Allah take the hands of our people towards what is best for them, And Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.