Sayed Ahmad Al-Safi

My distinguished brothers.. My faithful sisters…

I demonstrate to your attention the three following matters:-

First Matter:

With the approach of the joyous Eid Al-Fitr, we turn to Allah The Almighty to ask him for this Eid to be a blessed one for our people and the entire Islamic nation, and we ask Him to protect our country from all evil and avert it of all danger, especially from the danger of terrorism, and we ask Him The Almighty to bless all the dear people who are defending this country in the battlefields, including army and federal police officers, volunteers, Peshmerga fighters, and brave sons of our tribes, and we ask Him the Almighty to strengthen their hearts and their determination and ease their aims and tremble the ground under the feet of their enemies. For the honourable stances that our brave fighters have taken in the face of terrorism, despite the difficult environmental circumstances and the lack of equipment in many fronts, are positions much greater than any expressive words of gratitude and appreciation. Government agencies are asked to exert every effort to support and prop these heroes, and provide all required gear for those who offer their lives for the sake of Iraq and in defending its land, sanctities and people, and who continue to fight since more than a year unswervingly and collectively. We pray to Allah to succeed them with commendable victories. We call on Allah to bless our affluent brothers who continue to sponsor their brothers in the battlefields and we pray to Him to cultivate their finances in righteousness and goodness.

Second matter:

The difficult financial and economic circumstance that the country faces makes it imperative for officials in the government and House of Representatives to take appropriate proceedings to overcome this situation, whether in what remains of the current year or in budget preparation for the coming year. Here we indicate to borrowing from abroad, as a step that may not be the most appropriate option to address the current situation of crisis. Officials must financially study and utilise all available means before taking this step due to the various consequences it may bear on this country. They are to prepare a budget for next year that complies with a clear economic outlook, recognising the capacity of the expected financial resources of the state treasury from the sales of oil and by reducing unnecessary expenditures to a minimum and paying attention to essential matters, most notably matters relating to national security, health and education.

Third matter:

We have reiterated the responsibility of officials in the government, House of Representatives, the Integrity Commission and others for effective actions in combating the financial and administrative corruption rampant in the country, as no real development, stability, security or progress can take place if corruption isn’t truly fought. Everyone is still expecting for real progress by officials in the resolution of this intractable problem, and not by the few formal steps that does not efficiently address the problem.

We ask Allah to help grant our country safety and security…