Sheikh Abdul Mehdi Al-Karbalaei

Dear brothers and sisters, peace from the Merciful and Forgiving Lord and His Mercy and Blessings to you all,

I would like to point out the following things:-

First Matter:

Gathered information from the battlefields against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS), especially from some important cities such as Beiji, and through documents found with the dead that there are numerous foreign and non-Iraqi Arab nationalities who are fighting with ISIS which reveals the continued of negligence and lack of seriousness by some of the regional and international parties in preventing the flow of new fighters to this organisation to Iraq, and to compensate for the dead in the battles against ISIS that are now dominated by the heroes of the armed forces and volunteers in recent brave victories. The continued negligent attitude regardless of the intentional and unintentional ones regarding the flow of the misled fighters to Iraq will exacerbate the risk of these groups on this country and the whole region, but will also be a real threat to the states from which they come from, as it is possible they will return to go back to it in the future to form terrorist cells operating to breach its security and stability. The states of the region, and particularly the neighboring nations of Iraq, as well as the countries from which these terrorists are coming from are invited to take decisive action to limit further additions to this terrorist organisation, in noting the particular growing number of countries that is spread by Takfiri thought, seizing minds and the spirit of many of the citizens of those countries, young and old, men and women, which imposes an international coming together to curb this dangerous phenomenon.

Second matter:

We have previously drawn attention to the importance of medical care and attention to the wounded fighters in the armed forces and its volunteers, and the need to provide the best possible treatment for them. A number of specialists have been called to the ministries of Defence and Interior by developing a variety of military medical care, because it is a matter no less important than the present time issues in sustaining the momentous victories in the ongoing battle with the terrorists, as they also called for the provision of a system of incentives for graduates of medical schools to join the classes mentioned in the Security Ministries, for supplying them with the scientific elements and efficient specialist leadership similar to what is happening in many countries. It remains for us to be once again praise the efforts of the medical personnel working genuinely and sincerely in hospitals and medical detachments and to thank them for what they perform in great services for the fighting heroes, and reiterate our call for all medical staff, especially surgical specialists to contribute to treat the wounded on the ground, or in hospitals and actively participate in this important matter which is required of them nationally, legally and morally. We must also stress on the officials involved in wounded combat units to commit themselves to respect medical personnel and non-interference in their affairs and avoid subjecting them to insult and threat, for it is unjustifiable in addition to the causing frustration and reluctance to these cadres in their work in this matter.

Third matter:

The stated percentages in the results of the final ministerial examinations for the middle phase indicates to low success rates, which is a matter of disappointment and calls for the need to examine the reasons for this by competent officials as the Iraqis are generally known as students of understanding and intelligence and determination to do his best to get the best results, therefore there must be other reasons for what revealed the low success rates, and it is known that the future of the country and its development depends on the logical level of the next generation of students, thus the concerned authorities should take serious measures to adjust the educational process and reconsideration of the mechanisms and curricula used in schools, and the development of teachers and teachers’ capabilities to provide an appropriate atmosphere for students, whether in the course of studying or during the ministerial exams for many students have complained of  awful weather conditions and the situation they went through before exams, and in particular the failure to provide the appropriate atmosphere to assist them in the examination halls, affecting negatively on their performance.

We ask Allah to help all to what pleases Him and help us avoid sins and grant our country and the countries of the Muslims security and stability…