Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Al-Karbalai

Dear brothers and sisters, I wish to discuss the following points:

First Matter:

In the past few days, efforts of the security and intelligence agencies resulted in the discovery of numerous car bombs plotted by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist gangs, to be detonated in Baghdad as    the Holy Month of Ramadan embarks under one of its false battle titles (the Battle of Ramadan), however, the efforts of the intelligence services played the prime role in this; intelligence and security officers worked actively, genuinely and sincerely, who worked day and night to detect the movements of the detonated vehicles before reaching their targets, continuously insisting that it is of utmost importance to the intelligence efforts to reduce these criminal acts as much as possible, for it is to these heroes who protected the lives and property of civilians, and it is for their efforts that we owe all the appreciation and gratitude, while a number of security officers have expressed the essential need and necessity for providing the intelligence agencies with modern technological equipment that would greatly facilitate the detection of terrorist movements of detonated car bombs and their transfers, albeit the expenses for such equipments aren’t too costly and are within the capacity to be provided if supply is reduced for the matters that are not necessary, such as allocated expenses for hospitality, despatches, furniture and the likes in some departments. The past few days also witnessed important victories for our heroic army and the Federal Police and volunteers in the Biji area, as these forces also achieved, with tribal support, remarkable progress in  the area around the city of Ramadi, thus to all those dear people involved we express our gratitude and appreciation accompanied by prayers to God The Almighty, to protect them and help them achieve more victories with their support, hoping that the Security Services in all its various forms to be more vigilant and alert as we are days away from the holy month of Ramadan, attentive to ISIS movements in their attempts to carry out any terrorist operations in Baghdad and other areas in their attempts to destabilise the security, and shed the blood of even more innocent lives, or other attempts to attack some vulnerable areas on the battlefield in order to compensate for their defeats and losses in other areas, such as the city of Baiji and others.

Second matter:

The few days that pass marks the first anniversary of the fall of Mosul City in the hands of ISIS and other areas and its continuous threat to other areas, which prompted the Supreme Religious Authority to call all the Iraqis and their constituencies and their communities to volunteer to join the Armed Forces to protect and rid the country of this great scourge, which has proved successful, with thanks to God The Almighty, in the past few months by the recapture of a lot of areas controlled by ISIS gangs, as loyal members of the Iraqi Armed Forces and those who joined them in their ultimate fight, sons of genuine tribes, proved attuned in the defence of Iraq and its people and holy sites, and achieved important victories in steadfastness and patience by enormous sacrifices, as it is certain that what we enjoy in security and stability in many of the provinces is all due to the sacrifices and efforts of these heroes and the general public for its support for them and their families, as our  expectations of our heroes is to sustain the momentum of progress and victories by appropriate readiness for further liberations of other regions as soon as capabilities and preparations permit with a renewed    emphasis on the need to provide the opportunity for the largest possible participation of the people of these areas in the liberation of their areas, with careful analysis required from the relevant authorities, whether in the government or in the House of Representatives to carefully examine the political, military, security and administrative, economic, social and judicial mission to the combined parts of the State’s performance in the period leading up to last year’s setback, to identify and focus on what the owners of opinion and experience and expertise to determine the    reasons that led to this tragedy, in order not to repeat past mistakes, and attempt to restore what can be repaired.

Third matter:

Many long months have passed since the massacre of Speicher Base, and yet mothers and fathers and sons and wives of many of the slain are unaware of the fate of their relatives, echoed by wonders that are there any still alive to search for, perhaps they can expect their return? Or they were all killed, so where do their remains lie to prepare them for burial? The long journey of painstaking search and troubled concerns about the fate of their loved, and what increases the suffering and pain of those is what they see in lack of concern and seriousness by some officials in the responsiveness and empathy with their demands, hence, what is required from the relevant authorities is to do more in consideration to reveal the fate of the loved ones as soon as possible, as the effected families demand in solace and righteousness the compensation of salaries to be received in their own provinces instead of   only in Baghdad, as they also demanded the authorities to greet them whenever they need to and we hope these demands reach the attention of the concerned officials.

We ask Allah to help us to what pleases Him and grant this country security and stability that can help us defeat these gangs, for He Listens and Responds, sending peace and mercy on Mohammad and His Progeny…