Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Al-Karbalai

Among the subjects discussed by His Eminence:-

First Matter:

At a time when we express sorrow and strong condemnation of what

happened in the attacks of Adhamiya district last Wednesday night, we

are hopeful that political leaders and the media to deal with such events

on the national and religious responsibilities, imposed by the sensitive

and special circumstances in which a country is facing by the ISIS

terrorism that targets everyone without exception, and that there are

many and constant attacks in Baghdad and other places that primarily

targets innocent citizens and aims for maximum loss in victims, intended

to spark blind revenge or stirring sectarian strife, therefore everyone is

expected to deal with everything that happens consciously and wisely,

avoiding repetition or be dragged by emotions and reactionary in the

speech, which sometimes consists hasty accusation toward sectarian

issues and creates agitation by one component against another, the

fargility of the situation faced by the country, especially in mixed areas in

which different components of the Iraqi people live, obliges us to work in

all our capacities and all we can to maintain the peaceful coexistence

and harmony based on the harmony between these components; here

we should praise the swift action by adapted by security forces through

which they controlled the latest events, which is a cause for optimism,

that the security forces would stand firm against any attempts to provoke

sedition and will act professionally fit by national and religious


Second matter:

Analysing the reasons that led to the fall of Mosul and other cities by ISIS

terrorists in June of last year, and subsequently that resulted in great

sacrifices of the Iraqi people and the depletion of substantial amounts of

money and resources in the face of these gangs their danger, calls for a

comprehensive plan to re-build the Iraqi military establishment in the

light of the standards and controls of professional military institutions in

other countries, including reformation in the selection of national

leaders in various roles, away from any favoritism or courtesy or

affiliation to a narrower circle of loyalty to the people and the homeland.

It is also important that the intelligence service fulfils its right in sight

of paying attention to developing numerous aspects of it including

building it on the basis of true professionalism, to be able to fulfil its role

to the success of the military establishment. It is necessary at this

particular stage the practise of an initiative for all the forces that are

fighting terrorism to coordinate their efforts and transcend all partisan

and personal interests; this is the most important condition for its

success and victory.

Third matter:

The suffering continues of the injured and the families of the martyrs and

displaced families for their homes, in light of the failure of government

institutions to secure the needs of these people accordingly, as it is more

worthy of the respected affluent citizens to continue to provide assistance

to them as they have been during the past months, in sight of national

responsibility and legitimacy and morality, we also recommend that all

citizens need to deal in gentle approach and save the dignity of the

displaced people who left their homes and their money unwillingly and

wish to return to it as soon as possible, by God consider and understand

these people as your brothers and sisters, love them as you love

yourselves, and dislike for them what you would detest for yourselves.

Dear brothers and sisters, I will clarify some of the last things to you,

many of the displaced brothers complain of ill-treatment by some (only

some) of the citizens, or by some security officers at some checkpoints (I

reiterate only some) dealing with them in an ill-mannered approach, these

people are our brothers, they are our sisters, they did not seek us

voluntarily, leaving their land, their towns, their money unwillingly, they

have the rights by us, and if we could not help them then we have to at

least treat them kindly, the day will for their return, they are most

nostalgic to return to their cities to their villages to their money, when

they return only our actions will be left behind and we have great rewards

by God Almighty, and if we do not treat them well we will be held

accountable in front of The Almighty God, thus the signs of a faithful

man is loving for his brother what he loves for himself, he could imagine

himself in a similar situation to his displaced brother; how does he wish

to be treated by others? He is to hate for his brother what he would hate to

be faced with, and these are signs of true faith. We ask the Almighty God

to enlighten and guide us to follow His Path, for He is The Listener and

The Responder.