Seyyed Ahmed Al-Safi

((Dear brothers and sisters, before I begin with the second sermon, a group of our sons, the students at the College of Health and Medical Technology, came to us in this place from various provinces, and they have an issue with their ministry. we hope that the ministry always gives our sons a father’s look with much of attention and care. As those brothers are the sons and a resource of our country.))

His eminence addressed the following matter:

The security scene the country is going through, the big challenges, and the effort exerted by the security forces, the volunteers, and the ardent tribes, requires from our brothers the politicians to make use of that in order to overcome the crisis. Because when the bloods mix with a noble, patriotic, moral, and religious target, and all components of the people participate in that and even threatened because of it, these bloods have rights on anyone who stands up against serving this country which there is nothing more precious than blood to be given to it.

So, our brothers the politicians have to unify the speech and the vision, agglutinate with each other in one trench, overcome the simple disagreements, try to open up to each other, and engage in dialogue, and reinforce that with mutual trust away from mistrust and questioning everything. For it is unbelievable that the country remains like this amid the political conflicts, the economical and development issues, the tardiness of most of the reform processes, and the displacement of tens of thousands of families in more than a city. And maybe any observer to the actions in Iraq would hold all the political officials responsible for what is going on. And despite all the external effects, the close and the far ones, in addition to the internal effects, the responsibility remains up on the Iraqi politicians, as they are the ones who can diagnose what is good and bad for the country.

We see a necessity that the brothers begin finding radical and final solutions for most of the issues that can complicate the security, political, or economical scene if they are left pending. At the same time, we call everyone to abandon the spirit of rivalry, hostility, and provocation between each other, and rather, have the spirit of tolerance, love, moderation, and flexibility. A precise review of all the situations we have been through and analyzing them is inevitable, to recognize the good and the bad. Also, reviewing the foreign attitudes, whether they were good or bad interventions or advices, and whether those interventions supported a side not another, and what were the purposes of them, and what did the country encounter because of them. A successful politician is the one who builds his people’s consensus on loving and defending their country. A successful politician is the one who consumes all of his energies for the happiness of his people and improving their standards of living. A successful politician is the one who preserves the identity of his country and does not discriminate its sons, and deals with the issues with the spirit of responsibility and paternity.

Dear brothers, we believe in the officials’ ability to overcome the crisis because we know our country and its potentials. And we believe in the bravery of the sons of this country who have an honorable history in preserving the honor of the country in the past and the present time. And we believe in the generosity of its sons towards the humanitarian issues faced by some people. And when we call people to help each other in the issues that need support, like supporting the displaced, for example, we only call to emphasize on this matter, because the generosity of our people and their care on each other is a certain thing. And the spontaneous rush to help each other regardless of their sectarian, religious, or ethnic background, calls for admiration and reverence. And when we call the political officials, we do that because there is a larger responsibility that falls up on them. The security of the country and the people, the advancement of the country, the investment of wealth and energies, providing an atmosphere of affection and love, solving the issues by a constructive dialogue, the pursuit to preserve the unity of the country and its people, not being preoccupied by collateral issues, stoking the spirit of citizenship among the people, legislating the necessary laws and watching them being implemented, and many other things are the duties of the politicians without any exception. The politicians are directly responsible for pulling Iraq out of this crisis, and no one of them is exempted.

We pray to Almighty God that the brothers join together and unify their vision and always pursue the advancement of this country to exit these crises.