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Turkey’s dangerous dam project will result in another water war

Throughout history, lakes and rivers have given rise to civilizations along their banks or near to their shores. In today’s world, boundaries between nations...

Grassroots Mobilisation of Political Parties: Three Case Studies

Introduction World politics today are going through a stage of upheaval. In many countries, parties that have ruled for years and even decades are being...

Social changes under the Justice and Development Party (AKP)

Before we embark on the subject of the social changes that have taken place in Turkey during the era of the Justice and Development...

The Effects of the Turkish Currency Plunge

The escalating dispute between the United States and Turkey has strained ties between the two NATO members to a point not seen since 1974,...

The importance of opening Turkey’s Ovaköy border crossing with Iraq

Introduction Land border-crossings represent a very important economic asset for neighbouring countries because of the income generated through cross-border commercial trade, as well as, providing...