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The Hidden Agenda Behind Trump’s Desire to Buy Greenland

Talib Jabbar Hassan, Ph.D. student, College of Political Science, University of Baghdad. Zainab Ghatah Nahedh, MA in Political Science, University of Baghdad. Greenland is the second-largest...

What implications will the US mid-term elections have on the Middle East?

Americans voted on 6 November in the mid-term elections which saw the continuation of a historical trend where the party in opposition gains control...

Iran and the United States address the United Nations General Assembly

Almost three weeks ago, on 18thSeptember,in New York, the United Nations General Assembly’s session began amid political developments surrounding the Iranian scene, where there...

Trump’s Declaration on Jerusalem

Al Quds or Jerusalem is a city that captivates you with its beauteous majesty, splendour, and heritage. It has a special place in the...